#TravelStyle Annecy

A Hidden Jewel in France.

Have you seen one of Hayao Miyazaki's animated films? Do you remember the wonderful places he brings you to? I felt as if I was there when I saw this quaint but whimsically charming town at the foot of the great french alps next to a lake. Picture cobblestone streets, castles, swans and houses covered in leaves, like pages of a story book come to life!

Palais de l'Isle is a little castle (now a museum) in the middle of a canal, charmingly contrasting its vibrantly colourful neighbours.

Behold The Great French Alps who have shed their icy winter cloaks to bask in the summer's warmth.

Lake Annecy dazzling like a great sapphire mirror, I now regret not getting into one of those boats to simply drift across the lake, I could live here for sure.

What's all this commotion about? Plenty of lake for every bird!

Found a castle so I immediately marched towards the high walls like prince greeting his loyal subjects, I imagined at least. Château d'Annecy is a castle now turned museum, used to be a residence for the Counts and Dukes of Geneva.

The view from the castle of course, spectacular!

Imagine your daily commute be like...

I told you there was a house covered in leaves!

Al fresco dining with live music!

Good old Tartiflette! It is mainly cheese, potato and lardon (pork fat) I recall, as my french friend used to make this in Singapore.

I think it some sort of french comfort food, because this can't be something you can eat everyday!

It was perfect a summer for gelato, if only I could try all the flavours!

I think this was my second cone that day...


So how did I find out about Annecy?

I was here during the summer, actually I had meant to be in Geneva only but my friend insisted that I go to Annecy when I am there. Glad that I wasn't stubborn this time and bought a bus ticket to go there in the morrow. It takes about an hour and a half to reach it, so from Switzerland I cross over to France for a day to visit this hidden jewel. Most people are not aware of this place but lucky I knew someone who was here before.

So if you ever manage to drop by, the first thing you need will be a map to get around the town and plan your day according to the places you want to see. I decided to simply get lost at some point as every corner was just too charming. Streets full of cafes, brasseries, boulangeries and shops full of trinkets and other curiosities that will keep your eyes wandering with delight! I remember how lovely it was to stroll beside the lake, see people jumping in the river with their dogs, laying peacefully on the grass and it was like the world was a beautiful poem that day.

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