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Zeno Meets David

Having studied Art History in the past, I had an immense feeling of amazement and awe upon seeing my favourite Renaissance artist’s massive masterpiece. Being the most renowned High Renaissance artist, his style has greatly influenced my style of illustration which I simply obsess about.

I have captured some of the details up close, it’s fascinating to simply see the amount of detail carved from a single block of unwanted marble.

My favourite would be the detail on the right hand yet it is still up for debate as to why the head and hand is obviously larger and out of typical greek proportion. It’s quite interesting to research and read the theories so give it a shot too.

Important note: David is very popular so prior to your visit please secure a ticket to Accademia online, this method is the most practical way to travel and visit museums nowadays, in most of my travels in Europe especially.

Seeing the 17 foot tall solid marble statue by such a great artist was severely overwhelming to simply justify with words and photos. The statue is located at the Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence but you might be surprised to see that there are two more Davids in Florence:

A replica where the original David was is now displayed in Palazzo Vecchio, along with many other renowned sculptures.

Another bronze cast David is at the Piazzale Michelangelo.

Luckily all three of them are in iconic tourist attractions, paying each one a visit is quite rewarding in itself.

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