Men's Guide to the Ring Game

Why have one ring,

when you can rule them all?

carlzeno men's guide to the ring game

There’s one ring to rule them all, but what does it really mean to put a ring on it?

Each finger holds meaning, and there are many interpretations across the globe, depending on where you are.

I'm not going to talk about who is what or who is right, this is my favourite interpretation so far, so I'm gonna talk about this.

In the end of it, it's just a matter of what YOU believe in.

I prefer to wear my rings on the right hand as it is more visible, but the left hand represents your character and beliefs. So I'd probably reserve my left for special and meaningful rings. However don't feel obliged to follow these "rules" as these are general guides that people commonly refer to, if you want to send a clear message then you can use these. Alternatively, you may wear rings however you like them.

carlzeno men's guide to the ring game


People wear rings that are precious and expensive and the fact that rings are small makes them easy to lose. I have friends who've lost family heirlooms but let's focus on not losing them, right? Here are practical tips from me:

1. Remove them, when you work-out, human sweat can be unfriendly to some metals. Sweat may also cause them to slip off easily when you are in motion. Soft metals like gold will likely deform when you pump iron in the gym.

2. Don't EVER swim with your accessories, though it may seem that they fit nice and snug, cold temperature shrinks your hand, enough for tight rings to fall off with the slightest current.

3. Gently wash and wipe them shiny and dry before you store them, some dirt or liquid might be on them while using and can cause discolouration and damage the metal.

The key to wearing multiple rings:

Here are some personal tips that I have discovered because we can all make and break the rules as we see fit.

1. Balance - Don't put all your rings in one hand, spread them evenly on both hands.

2. Don't crowd them, wear on alternating fingers, leaving a naked finger in between, unless it is the index and thumb finger. The practical reason is that the friction between rings worn beside each other will destroy them and also not very comfortable either.

3. Match them with your other accessories, like belts or bracelets, stick to one colour of metal if possible.

4. My personal favourite is stacking them, wearing two on each finger can be quite the statement, though you must remember to balance them. Match a slim ring with a thick and bold ring for example.

carlzeno men's guide to the ring game

carlzeno men's guide to the ring game

Astral and elemental symbolism:

Astrology is a big fan of rings, that's why Saturn wears one.

So here are a few interesting details about rings you may want to take note of:

Pinky Finger

Ruled by Mercury

Water Intelligence or persuasion.

Middle Finger

Ruled by Saturn:

Balance and responsibility.


Index Finger

Ruled by Jupiter

Power & Authority.


Ring Finger


Romance and Creativity



Ruled by Venus/Mars

Wealth & Will


carlzeno men's guide to the ring game

carlzeno men's guide to the ring game

My favourite metals are silver and steel; silver can tarnish and be polished brightly too, and this versatility and character are what I like about it. Steel is much harder and sturdier than silver which makes it durable, my favourite render is that that which is ion-bonded black colour from Mister SFC. They have a variety of metals and style that I like. The variety of designs are tasteful and great for kickstarting your ring collection before you move up to more precious materials like platinum or gold.

carlzeno men's guide to the ring game

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