Instagram Inspired Part 1

I always think that inspiration is a powerful force that makes life fulfilling, and it's fascinating to follow people who are a source of such inspiration. People who shine with their passions, dreams and character. I am in so much awe at how much effort they exert in the content they share (though I understand that it may look so easy but its actually a lot of hard work and dedication). These are a few people who inspire, encourage (and entertain) me to be more creative and even on bad days a beautiful feed always gives me something to smile about.

So I listed my first 10 Instagram inspirations in case you haven't heard of them yet. So if you are new to instagram then this list will kickstart your #Feedspiration


Effortlessly gorgeous and enchanting, she makes style look so easy.

I've only recently started to follow her and I can't help but admire her phenomenal success in social media and I'm sure you too will see why.


I don't have any idea who she really is but she is full of clever wit we can all relate to. She cracks me up everyday, her humour is like a rainbow at the end of a rainy day.


Major interior and furnishing aesthetics. If you are into designing and decorating spaces then you should definitely not miss a single one of their posts.


I doubt you've seen any other #foodporn who makes it as cute as she does. I swear it's too cute to just ignore.


Definitely a goddess, she's an example that there is power in being comfortable in one's own skin, regardless of colour or race. She inspires me to embrace the unusual qualities that make each of us unique no matter what it is.


All I can say is... "Wanderlust Goals" Seriously how does this guy do it?

How does he manage to get all the way up there? LOL


He is my style inspiration, even before I knew what shoe goes with which clothes, I often browse through his Lookbook like a catalogue to figure out what to wear until I developed a style that I am comfortable with. You will also notice how each of his photos seem to tell a story.

Someday I will have an autograph (maybe a selfie too) of Adam Gallagher.


This legendary being is behind the iconic photographs that millions of instagramers around the world have replicated (including myself) yet he remains the best!


If you have a thing for lines, symmetry, texture and pattern, (like me) you should definitely be following this guy.


I remember I started following her and liking all her photos on instagram when she was on assignment in Cheng Du and taking adorable photos of baby pandas everyday! Someday I will hug a baby panda, it will be the best day ever! I love animals, how could I not follow her?

Do share who your #feedspirations are too, I'd love to find more passionate instagramers because inspiration is contagious!

Let me know your thoughts and comments below too. Cheers! =)

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