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I've had the chance to collaborate with Zalora and M Social to enjoy a weekend staycation. With this, I'm kickstarting my #Hotelife series featuring various hotels and spaces that I like. I'll personally create a relevant list and review the properties myself, giving you an insight into what they offer. I know most of you reading this are social media conscious and that's what I'm all about, quality and aesthetics for the gram. Life is about experiences, and here's a glimpse of mine.

Remember to check out the video recap at the end of this post, enjoy!

M Social has a very distinct personality characterised by heritage, comfort and technology. As you enter the lobby you'll notice a variety of tiles of seemingly Spanish origin yet an explosive modern vibe of lights and steel... It's really hard to point out what the inspiration is. So I later found out that it is by the renowned French designer Philippe Starck. I'm familiar with his work and now this explains to me why the entire ambiance is very avant-garde. I love it of course, as my eye simply wanders into every mindful corner and pleasing detail.

carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore

carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore

carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore
carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore

So now I will begin my review based on a few categories as to why M Social is included in my list.

Location Stats: 90%

90 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238259

Why I like it?

A charming neighbourhood and the location is #onpoint as you feel you are away from the hustle and bustle but in fact you are in the centre of it all. Surrounded by options for cafes and restaurants along the river, this will make dining a challenging choice.

It's only 2km from the nearest MRT, Somerset station, though it is still fairly a 20-30 minute walk which is quite a distance here in Singapore, mainly because of the warmth and humidity that most people find hard to tolerate.

Service: 100%

You'll be surprised to see how man and machine come together to take service and hospitality to a whole new level! The staff are pleasant but I must say, the robots are fabulous!

Be sure to meet AURA & AUSCA.

AURA specialises in room service and jokes while AUSCA takes charge of your breakfast eggs.

Room: 100%

M Social provides a luxurious yet practical ambiance within a cozy space. The loft type rooms are just the right size for the savvy staycationer. You'll love waking up to high ceiling windows and gorgeous city views. The bed is fluffy, something you'd consider not sharing with anyone.

A Nespresso machine also makes for a nice touch, nothing beats having coffee in your own personal cozy space.

carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore
carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore
carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore

Dining: 90%

Breakfast is a feast, as they absolutely meet my personal requirement of endless crispy bacon and eggs ( There's joy in knowing you can eat as much bacon as you like without actually having to). You'll find no shortage of selection here, from local preference to cereals and a couple of things in between. True to being a fusion of technology and comfort, you'll find the fluffiest pancakes made by a machine, amusing and almost better than the ones I make. I mentioned AUSCA right? You'll need a bit of patience because of AUSCA's popularity, when it's your turn to press the buttons for either sunny-side up or omelette, you'll be fascinated to see him in action. One tip, he's not an expert at cracking the eggs yet, some eggshells are here and there but he does use a premixed batter for the omelettes.

There are dining options for lunch and dinner, Beast & Butterflies offer a fusion of western and eastern inspired dishes with a local twist. While you'r at it, enjoy a refreshing cocktail to complete the ambiance.

Something I would have liked is the option to order breakfast in the room, they do have other food order options but it's not the same as having breakfast in your room. Though I think guests are more than welcome to bring food from the breakfast buffet to their rooms, but that would be a challenge without a tray.

carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore

Don't forget to give their selfie coffee a try too, all you have to to is send a photo of you from your phone.

carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore

Facilities: 90%

There's a 31m swimming pool, despite the limited space, its enough for a quick dip to refresh yourself from the heat of the day. Towards the edge is a nice view of the river and nearby buildings where you can just wade towards without having to go for a swim. The sunbeds are there for those who are accustomed to taking naps in the sun or to get the tan done.

For the consciously fit, there's a gym to keep you busy, surprisingly it's an adequate size with an array of free weights and some machines. Perfect for a light workout to keep your fitness on track, even when you're not on your usual routine.

carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore
carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore
carlzeno hotelife series M Social Singapore

Price and Sense: 100%

S$170-250 a night.

Hotel room prices often vary depending on season, but for somewhere around S$200, M Social Singapore's Loft room is a steal.

I honestly wouldn't mind spending more than 2 nights here.

Here's a video recap of the full experience sponsored by ZALORA and M SOCIAL, Enjoy!

Check out my InstaStory Highlights for BTS Realness here.

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