Find Your #TravelStyle with Cashback by ShopBack

What sets a traveler apart from other travellers? It’s style, wether you’re a backpacker, wanderluster, sun-worshipper, foodie or style savvy Instagramer, each has a certain way of doing it. So #TravelStyle is something you can create for yourself too.

When we travel it’s like expressing a part of ourselves that we keep locked-up while we are at our offices, but I’m not here to talk about work. Let’s talk about how life truly becomes life when we are immersed in a new environment, new scenery, new flavours, even airports can be fascinating at times. The more we travel, the more we find our style, we don’t know what it is until we’ve tried and experienced it. This is what my #TravelStyle series is about, something I have put together since I started travelling. Travelling is fulfilling as it is expensive, so we have to be smart about how we spend, with a little effort and resourcefulness you'd be saving for your future travel funds. That is how I've found ShopBack and discovered that style and saving can be more enjoyable!

Let me share with you a few tips on how to get more value from online shopping and promo codes,

so you can stretch your dollars to take you to further places.

Keep it calm and simple, book in advance

I like to keep things simple, it’s simpler when you have the important things planned out. But simple does not mean lazy for me, so I sort things out in advance when I can. Book flights and accommodations in advance while you are still not in a rush, it's more leisurely for me this way too. I'm sure you are all familiar with not only are there great deals there, but with ShopBack you get to earn back those dollars through CASHBACK, how awesome is that? So don't panic at the last minute because everything you need nowadays is just a wifi away.


The best places deserve your best #OOTD

I never leave my style behind, I like to blend in where I travel so if you happen to be in Italy, dress like an Italian! Some people think this is unnecessary, but it is actually a smart and practical thing to do if possible, when you don’t look like an over-eager tourist, you are less likely targets for thieves or scammers. So never look like crap when you travel, you can go to work looking crappy but never travel if you feel crappy about your clothes. And why I say this? You are going to these beautiful cities maybe once or only a few times, and you want to immortalise and share that photo in social media. A little extra effort and asking advice from your stylish friends will go a long way for making your travel albums look impressive. All the beautiful places deserve your best OOTD, so don't hesitate to polish up your look and find great deals for fashion items online! The internet is the best place to find these deals, like any available ASOS promo codes can be found in ShopBack, and you can also use Zalora coupons on your orders so you can't begin to imagine how much you'd be able to save with both discount coupons and cashback!


Travel light to shop heavy

Pack as light as you can, this is something you master the more often you travel. So before you travel, shop online with ShopBack and invest in SPACE SAVING TRAVEL ESSENTIALS like portable clothes iron, compact toiletry containers, vacuum zip bags because you need all that space FOR ALL YOUR TRAVEL SHOPPING. LOL Let’s face it, we love to bring back souvenirs and gifts for family and friends, we need space and extra dollars for those, so this is where all that cashback savings will come in very handy, right?


So, now that I've shared with you a few things about getting more value from your shopping and travel expenses, simply watch this video to get a clear idea of what ShopBack really is and how it works.

Finding your own #TravelStyle is something that will make you discover new things about your personality, how you plan things, how you solve problems along the way, and how you like to spend your time while in new places. It's not just about the destination but also the journey, and may your travels take you further with the help of ShopBack.

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