10 Epic Poses for Clueless Guys

Get your Instagram game on, because people will stare so make it worth their while.

carlzeno epic poses

1. The Keep Walking…

Yes that’s it, don’t look at the camera and don’t even think people are watching because a perfectly staged candid shot makes you look effortlessly cool. Ironic when you consider how much effort it takes to look candid. Is it worth it? only likes will tell!


2. The Beyonder…

There is no mystery greater than the beyond. Yes, turn your back to the camera, relax but stay poised, try not to relax too much, oh wait that’s too stiff, relax a bit more. Getting this look right is a mystery itself as there's a very fine line between faking it and faking it too good that people approve.


3. The Scholar…

Some people use books, some people think hard with their thoughts. It takes a lot of mental power to muster up the concentration for this pose to materialise itself in front of the camera. The trick is NOT to think happy thoughts.


4. The Sifu…

If you are one of those hardcore athlete/yoga/karate/kung-fu/capoeira/gymnast/dancer/poser/wannabes… THIS is your moment to shine, if you can pull off mid-air death defying stunts for longer than the shutter speed then you have just immortalised yourself as an Instagram Certified Master!


5. The He-Vogue…

If you poses the epitome of ultimate flexibility, whose body language exudes utter poetry, this is your claim to fame! Own it and be the cover of the next issue of Insta-Vogue! Art is not meant to be understood, so put those limbs wherever they feel like it.


6. The Caffeine Junkie…

Some people get anxious in front of cameras and don’t know what to do with their hands, and end up with some weird gestures. Trick is to hold something, like a cup of coffee. Today's caffeine conscious society will definitely approve a simple yet sophisticated act of coffee drinking. Don't like coffee? Worry not, It works great with tea too!


7. The Side to Side…

(Insert Ariana Grande on a bicycle) Look left, look right but please just don’t look at the camera…


8. The Lounger…

Nothing spells luxury like how you make love to furniture, wether you are in a hotel, travelling or at the beach. No furniture? No problem, an inflatable, a patch of grass or a rock will do, this might even nurture your deep connection with nature!


9. The Pocket-hand…

Reach into that pocket like you hid your magical charisma in there. I personally think this adds a mysterious touch, people lookin’ like I’m about to give them a hundred dollars… nope! So keep lookin’. =p


10. The Legendary


Guys wake up like this too! Nothing is sexier than the expectations we have about waking up in bed in the morning, good thing nobody cares about about how you really woke up on Instagram! So get up, take a shower, partially put on (or take off) clothes and jump back in bed while saying’ I’m ready for my close-up!


Time to take your feed to new heights and get your friends to see you in a whole new light.

Shame is temporary, insta is forever.

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