Inspirations Behind My 2018 Iconic Looks

I'm not really the type who always keeps up-to-date with fashion trends, because true style travels through time. When you wear timeless style, it's almost as if you are transported to another era with that look. So, here's a recap of my 2018 looks and the inspirations behind them.

January - Turtleneck Come Through

Turtlenecks have survived for over a century. It began as a utilitarian top, popular among workers in the 1800s for obvious reasons. It has survived through many eras and now it still practically goes well with anything you throw on it. Even for sunny Singapore, there's a short sleeve version suitable for the heat.

February - The Tracksuit Life

The tracksuit became popular among athletes in 1970s and have come in and out of trend since. Today, the recognisable three-stripe Adidas tracksuit has become iconic with the rise of trends such as "athleisure" and #activewear. I own three sets at least, and it's something I will always want to have in my wardrobe.

March - Baroque 'n' Roll

Versace take the wheel. During the time of Gianni, he breathed art into his iconic brand. Versace embodied the Baroque style, and the Medusa logo is widely known until today. Whether you are in the city or on vacation in your seaside villa, this style blends in well with a touch of eccentric royalty.

April - Got Soup?

In the 1960s, an artist made a can of soup so iconic that people still print them on t-shirts until today. So, in every can of soup printed today is a piece of history dedicated to the artist whose artworks have many times crossed over into fashion, Andy Warhol.

May - Accessory of the Month

This special look marks the beginning of my official collaboration with Zalora as part of their Z-Crew. With this look, I chose a special accessory that was developed for pilots in the 1930s, which has also become a signature accessory of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Ray-Ban's Aviators now come in various sizes, colours and materials making it a true style essential.

June - Guess What?

Guess rose to popularity in the 1980s as the most distinct brand of designer denim jeans and it's been around since I can remember. That red triangular logo is reminiscent of the patch they use for their jeans. So, here I am in my full Guess music festival outfit.

July - Sporty but Make it Fashion

This look is inspired by the various sci-fi movies popular in my childhood. I've always thought that tights were very comfortable, that's why superheroes wear them right? Another bonus is that the sunglasses I'm wearing is from the Tribute Collection that Donatella launched in 2018 to mark 20 years since Gianni's earthy departure. The Tribute Collection is a revival of the signature designs he created over two decades ago.

August, September & October

- Versace Take the Wheel

As my interest in the 1980's style grew, so did my collection, I began to collect pieces from various brands that were inspired by Donatella's Tribute Collection.

November - Bowie's Bolt

In the 1970's, David Bowie's innovative work has made a huge impact in the music industry until today. The lightning bolt look is inspired by his album art cover Aladdin Sane.

December - Pop Sci-fi Realness

Growing up in the 90's exposed me to many Japanese animated sci-fi series, where my fondness for tights probably came from. The bright colours and geometric patterns on this look resemble that of a mecha pilot suit. The Oakley sunglasses are more futuristic than sporty that it almost looks like part of a helmet visor.

This wraps up my iconic style timeline for 2018, and now, I'm looking forward to many other style inspirations for 2019.

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