Seeing Beyond Colours


I travelled to 8 cities in 5 European countries one summer, and it was my first time to be alone in a new continent too. It took three weeks to make a full circle starting from Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Prague and back to Switzerland to close the loop. Like a tasting menu, I was able to see the different flavours of this great continent and I will of course get into detail about each of the countries in my #TravelStyle Series. But for now, I want to show you guys a preview of these countries in the black and white photos I took.

I wanted to capture the nostalgic romance that I saw in the architecture, of how it has endured history and remained timeless amidst the ever-changing landscape of where modern man dwells. Without colour, every detail, shape and texture is exposed without distraction, ageless beauty is amplified and defined as if history has opened a window before the present.

So now let me show you and see if you can recognise where the photos are taken exactly.


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